Cape Fur Seal(South African Fur Seal) (Arctocephalus pusillus)

Interesting :

Size of male is larger than that of female. Its neck is broad and big.

Habitat :

It catches fishes in sea near small islands and move on shores in rock area where there is water flows.

Food :

It eats fishes as main food as well as squids and shells.

Behavior :

It is socialize animal. It stays in big herd. It hunts for foods in shallow water or eats fishes on fisherman’s boat.In October, male will go to mating area, which is reef on the beach and occupies the area. In the next few weeks, female will follow it and give birth of one young. There are many female go into its territory.

Current Status :

Leaet Concern

Reproductive :

Male will chase away other males from its territory if the other male gets into its territory until it finishes mating with all female. Female is in hot 5 – 6 days after giving birth. Gestation period is around 1 year.

Size and weight :

Male body is black-gray in color sparse with brown color. Its weight is 247 kilograms and body length is 2.15 meters. Female body is brown-gray in color. Its weight is 57 kilograms and body length is 1.56 meters

Point of view :

Update : 11 April 2017