Project lead students to study

Songkhla Zoo as a learning resource in the attitude of young people about wildlife. Conservation and the environment. It also is a place of public recreation. Songkhla Zoo today. Pilot project to study student learning in Songkhla Zoo. To support the government's policy regarding the National Education Act BE 2542 with the primary school. And junior high school. The opportunities in Songkhla province and neighboring provinces participated. Divided into type 1 day round trip - camping and type 2 Days 1 Night Zoo, Songkhla, which organized speaker activity facilities. And food during the event. Free of charge.

The school does not participate in the study of students learning in Songkhla Zoo. I can send a letter. Songkhla Zoo Director. Your school will receive a discount on admission And can participate in various activities with the Songkhla Zoo as well.

For more information, please contact the Zoo Education Department, Songkhla
  • Tel. 086-4983693
  • Fax. 074-598840