After the election on July 2nd 1986, General Praim Thinasulanon had been elected and assigned by the royal approval as the prime minister of Thailand, followed by assignment of Mr. Umnuay Suwannakiri as a secretary minister, in charge of the Zoological Park Organization, who had start a project to establish a zoo in each region. As for southern region, the area of elephant-shaped mountain in Khao Roop Chang Sub-district, Mueng District, Songkhla Province (the area in known as Baan Suan Thoon) had been chosen but the establishment was incomplete as General Praim declared parliament dissolution by a requested royal decree in 1988.

          Eventually, after the royal approval of General Chartchaai Chunhawan in 1989, Colonel Pon Rerngprasertwit, as a secretary minister, had ordered resumption of the project. Then the Zoological Park Organization immediately reconsidered and reinitialized the establishing of Songkhla Zoo with an admission from the cabinet on May 23rd 1989

          The Songkhla Zoo establishing project was a 10-year schedule, with initial financial support of 120 millions baht from the government, which was carried out in 1989 – 1998. The constructions consist of basic necessaries, office building, reservoir, greenhouse and exhibition spaces which had been serving the audiences by displaying various wild animals in turns such as tapir, chevrotain, camel, llama, giraffe, bear, tiger, monkey, musk, deer, Genus Cervus deer, barking deer, colorful birds such as parrot, macaw, cassowary, flamingo and a lot more.

          Songkhla Zoo had started collecting entry fee since September 18th 1998 and the official opening ceremony had been performed on October 3rd 1998 with General Praim Thinasulanon, prime privy councilor and a statesman, as the honored chief of ceremony.